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“...Kate Fitzgerald shines in a whole different way.  She enchants, draws in, emotes, and with her graceful gravitas constructs a most effective stage presence. It is as if she was born to play Abigail Williams. Kate Fitzgerald is an actor one just can’t keep their eyes off. She has genuine star power.”

T.J. Clemente,

“When you see Ms. Fitzgerald's performance, you'll agree a bright future lies before her. The delivery and prowess are affecting and impressive.”

Melissa Giordano, Broadway World


“Fitzgerald deftly shades Cathleen’s exuberance with an I’m-meant-for-bigger-things defiance.”

Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe

“As Cathleen, Fitzgerald is absolutely luminous.”

Michele Markarian, Theater Mirror

“As the ambitious young Cathleen, Kate Fitzgerald is absolutely vibrant and defiant…”

Kevin T. Baldwin, METRMAG

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